Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I lost coverage this month, will I be automatically re-enrolled to the UFCW plan after I worked the sufficient hours for contribution?

Yes, you will be re-enrolled to the plan and be notified when you become eligible.
Q: My wife and I have a newborn, how do I add her to my medical plan?

To add a newborn, you need to complete an enrollment form and provide the Trust Fund Office with a certification of birth from the hospital within 30 days of your childís birth. The official Certificate of Birth from the Department of Health must be submitted to the TFO within 60 days of the date of birth.
Q: Iím a courtesy clerk, am I eligible for dental benefits? Can I add on my spouse to my medical plan?

No. Courtesy Clerk is eligible for medical and prescription drug benefits only with no dependent coverage.
Q: What is disability extension?

If you are a Plan One or Plan Two employee, if while eligible, you become disabled and unable to work because of an occupational or non-occupational disability, your benefit will continue, provided that you submit an application for disability extensions and your employer continues to make the required contributions to the Trust Fund on your behalf. For detailed information, please refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact the Union office or Trust Fund Office.
Q: Am I able to cover my parents on my medical plan?

No. The UFCW plan does not provide domestic partnership or reciprocal beneficiary coverage.
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